One Stop. Countless Opportunities.


SkyParks Business Centre isn't just a business centre; it's a destination. With its diverse offerings, including retail & dining, it's the perfect place for people to take care of their needs all in one location.

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Social Media / Paid & Organic
Programmatic Display & Video
Influencer Marketing

Creating a multi-channel engagement campaign to drive footfall to Skyparks by conveying a clear message – ‘One stop. Countless Opportunities’.


Malta International Airport approached us with the challenge of conveying the convenience and variety offered at their sister building, Skyparks in order to attract more visitors. They aimed to position Skyparks as a top-of-mind destination by showcasing it as a one-stop shop through an informative and visually appealing campaign. Our main task was to effectively bridge the message between Skyparks and its audience, ensuring that people consider Skyparks as a prime destination for their leisure time while understanding the multitude of values the building provides.

Our Contribution

From the outset, we leveraged our strategic expertise to create a comprehensive framework aimed at attracting individuals living near Skyparks as well as those from farther away. Our goal was to inspire them to visit the building and experience its diverse amenities. Central to our approach was the development of a compelling slogan: ‘One Stop. Countless Opportunities.’ This slogan effectively communicated the core message, alongside a photo & reel shoot and compelling artworks. We then employed a multi-channel marketing strategy that included Social Media, Google Ads, Radio, and Influencer Collaborations. This diverse approach allowed us to achieve various objectives while continually optimising the campaign for cost efficiency and maximum performance.

Value Given

Our multi-faceted campaign significantly raised awareness of Skyparks' amenities, showcasing its convenience as a one-stop shop. Social Media, Google Display Ads, and strategically placed billboards effectively highlighted everything available, while influencers added a personal touch by sharing their experiences within the building. This comprehensive approach ensured that Skyparks remained top-of-mind, emphasising its convenience, variety, and appeal.

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