Inspired by movement


Founded in 2022 by a driven female entrepreneur, Zara, created a space where everyone would feel comfortable working out – a community built to empower people.

Content Creation
Social Media / Paid & Organic
Branding & Performance Campaigns

Through a brand new identity and compelling digital presence we communicated Drive's commitment to changing the fitness experience and fostering a sense of community.


As a team we enthusiastically embarked on the journey of creating a brand identity from scratch for Drive, a task that involved brainstorming, consulting, and thoroughly enjoying the process of building a brand that resonated with the essence of Drive's unique fitness studio. Our challenge was twofold: we needed to ensure that the brand stood out in the competitive fitness sector, but we also aimed to convey Drive's powerful identity, making it unmistakably clear who they are, all while maintaining simplicity and clarity in its messaging.

Our Contribution

We developed a monochrome visual identity, utilising fierce colours and powerful looking custom fonts to distinguish Drive, while conveying its strong identity through its unique typography, ensuring clear brand recognition. Following, we initiated an engaging digital marketing campaign, spotlighting the founder's unwavering commitment to fostering a community within the studio, emphasising the importance for all individuals to discover their Drive!

Value Given

The completed project highlighted Drive's implementation of a comprehensive branding strategy, spanning 360° and encompassing digital media campaigns. This identity empowered individuals on their fitness journey, reflecting Zara's profound passion for the industry. After the launch, we handed Zara with the essential tools to effortlessly manage her social media channels, enabling her to flourish independently and solidify Drive's standing in the market. Today, Drive is celebrated as a prominent brand, recognised for its courageous community and dedication to empowering individuals on their fitness endeavours.

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