Frank Zampa Jewellery

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Frank Zampa is synonymous with the finest jewellery in Malta and nestled in centuries of tradition. Over the years, the brand has showcased the vastest collections of engagement rings and wedding bands in Malta. Frank Zampa Jewellery is also renowned for its exquisite masterpieces by Italian brands Leo Pizzo, Pasquale Bruni, and Tavanti.

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Creating an elegant digital catalogue by seamlessly integrating photography into web UX/UI design, showcasing their timeless jewellery with unmatched elegance.


Frank Zampa is the leading luxury-jewellery establishment in Malta. While the previous website served to launch the brand online, we felt it no longer managed to properly communicate the prestige of the brand. Over the last decade, we have worked in tandem with Frank Zampa, understanding the passion they have for jewellery making, and the esteem they hold amongst their clientele. The continued growth of Frank Zampa required a completely-overhauled digital presence that reflected the elegance of the brand.

Our Contribution

The website was rethought and redesigned completely with the sole purpose of creating an elegant and refined aesthetic. The overall design relied on neutral tones and subtle animations for an elegant yet subtle look which allows the jewellery pieces to shine.

Value Given

The refined Frank Zampa website elevated user retention while also seamlessly facilitating inquiries and exploration of their exquisite catalogue, both online and in person, thereby fostering heightened conversion rates. Additionally, this rejuvenated digital presence bestowed upon Frank Zampa Jewellery an aura of timeless elegance, allowing their captivating pieces to gleam with unparalleled brilliance.

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