Solidifying a franchise

Food & Beverage

Amigos is one of Malta’s favourite delivery, home-grown franchises, serving its signature delicious food to more than 60 localities all over the island.

Content Creation
Market Research & KPI Framework
Data Target Group Assessment
Brand Positioning

An ongoing creative process aimed to further strengthen the brand and its position as a leading local franchise.


After cultivating a 2 year relationship, both we and the clients felt that we should embark on creating an identity that would take Amigos into the next 10 years, transforming it into an internationally franchisable brand. At the time, the marketing effort needed a solid boost, especially on digital channels.

Our Contribution

We set out building the basic foundation for any strong franchise, consistency. We adapted to changing market trends and customer preferences to reinforce the brand's identity and establish it as a top local franchise. Finally, we combined features from a fedora hat and a Mexican sombrero to craft a memorable symbol.

Value Given

Since engaging us as marketing partners Amigos has opened 4 new outlets, now a total of 8. We've revamped the visual identity, and strengthened the digital marketing presence, amplifying our client's brand and cementing its status as a prominent local franchise.

Other Projects