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Amigos is one of Malta’s favourite delivery, home-grown franchises, serving its signature delicious food to more than 60 localities all over the island. Our relationship with the brand initiated in 2018, and in the past 24 months we have worked incessantly with the team to project the Amigos brand into the future, overhauling its marketing strategies, visual identity and digital marketing presence, together with the launch of their own Delivery App on all major platforms. 


Full Brand Management
Creative Direction
Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing

App Development: Inbound Muse

an ongoing creative process aimed to further strengthen the brand and its position as a leading local franchise.

From the very first days of our collaboration with Amigos, we immediately understood the brand’s ethos and passion in all they do. Being one of the strongest players in the local delivery scene, Amigos was looking for a marketing partner to steer them towards the right path, providing creative direction and insightful, data-driven marketing solutions.

One of the first milestones was the launch of the Amigos Delivery App, providing the brand with its unique application on iOS and Android, that enables users to order directly with the restaurants without the need of any third party delivery service. Amigos wanted to manage its orders and delivery system independently and more efficiently, with the purpose of serving good food quickly and without added costs for the business. Our foremost task was to reduce steps as much as possible, enhancing the user’s flow and making the app as friendly and intuitive as possible.  The in-built offers and deals system gives the user the opportunity to engage in the selection of offers and benefit from exclusive weekly/monthly deals, which are a major part of the brand’s attractiveness.

With the app boosting Amigos’ popularity even further, it was clear that the next natural step for the brand was to overhaul its’ visual identity. After cultivating a 2-year relationship, both the client and ourselves felt that we should embark on creating an identity that would take Amigos into the next 10 years, transforming it into an internationally recognisable franchise brand. The exercise took us to explore a myriad of options, in line with the vision and direction that Amigos wants to head towards, which also involved roping in the public on a feedback gathering exercise.

Since 2018, Amigos has now expanded into a total of 6 outlets, with its latest store openings in Bugibba and Mosta further expanding its reach into the central and northern regions, servicing thousands of local families and corporate clients.


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