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The rebranding of BCAS aimed to modernise its visual identity while maintaining recognition. Balancing familiarity with innovation and reflecting industry evolution were key. Communicating expanded services and differentiation emerged as focal points. The initiative delivered enhanced brand perception, increased visibility, and improved engagement, driving growth in the blockchain industry.

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Enhancing brand perception, visibility, and engagement, driving growth in the blockchain industry.


The rebranding initiative for BCAS faced several challenges that needed careful navigation. One of which was maintaining brand recognition while introducing a fresh and contemporary look. Balancing familiarity with innovation to ensure the brand remained recognisable to its audience while signalling its evolution. Reflecting the rapid advancements in the blockchain industry was an important stand point, requiring the team to stay abreast of emerging trends and technologies to ensure the new identity remained relevant.

Our Contribution

The rebranding initiative presented several opportunities for BCAS. We effectively communicated the expansion of its service offerings and refreshed the identity through the website to showcase BCAS's comprehensive expertise across various sectors and jurisdictions, potentially attracting new business opportunities and partnerships. Moreover, we created a unique and distinctive visual identity, BCAS could now differentiate itself in a competitive market landscape, capturing the attention of clients and stakeholders – leveraging the versatility of the identity system offered opportunities for seamless application across diverse platforms and mediums, enhancing brand consistency and recognition.

Value Given

The successful execution of the rebranding initiative resulted in an enhanced brand perception as a forward-thinking and innovative leader in the blockchain industry. This improved brand image increased credibility and attractiveness to clients and partners, leading to new business ventures and collaborations. The revitalised brand identity heightened BCAS's visibility and presence in the market, fostering greater brand awareness and recognition, while allowing them to effectively communicate their services among their target audience – leading to increased engagement and impact in the industry, ultimately driving the organisation's growth and success.

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