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A well-established team of regulatory and technical specialists in the field of blockchain technology, equipped with knowledge and experience and who have worked on myriad projects across various industries and jurisdictions. Already operating for a number of years, the brand entrusted us with its new visual identity, in line with the evolution of its service line and the progress of the blockchain industry.

Blockchain Advisory Solutions

Visual Identity

a unique use of the logo mark to create an identity system

BCAS cover the regulatory and technical aspects of blockchain technology across major industries and various jurisdictions. With a recent expansion in services BCAS wanted a refreshed and cutting edge look to fall in line with their progress.

While keeping some of the old features in their identity, so as to keep the brand recognisable, the new identity system needed to delve into a newer spectrum and offer upgraded possibilities. To achieve the result we explored various arrays of visual outcomes. We made sure the client participated in the process, to get a mark that is unmistakable and recognisable.

To make the brand more unique we used the logo mark to create an identity system that can be applied on several outputs and outcomes. The key feature used from the logo mark is the ‘slant’ which provides an array of visuals that can be utilised in presentations, social media, moving image and print. The most noticeable instance is the pattern created when the logo mark repeated on the slant axis.

The exercise provided BCAS with a newly refreshed identity that truly represents their vision and brand promise, ready to take the blockchain industry by storm in the years to come.

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