An identity in flight


TRTOagency® is all about its clients’ needs. With a flexible and pragmatic approach to aircraft management, the agency was established to provide a range of services in the field of aviation.

Content Creation
Graphic Design
Brand Positioning

TRTOagency® boasted a confident red backdrop with modern and sleek type, inspiring assurance among its clients. A bold refined identity to reflect superior service.


TRTOagency® came to SANCHO® with an already established solid foundation. We built and tweaked on what was existing, making this a project based on brand visual refinement.

Our Contribution

Tweaking the logo motif from a ‘wayfinding’ style to a minimal suggestion of a plane, helped the logo achieve its flow and elevation. Its simplified shape will also allow the outcome of different brand elements to be used across the whole identity.

Value Given

TRTOagency®'s already established identity was refined and enhanced to instill confidence and assurance amongst its clients with a sleek, modern look – inspiring trust and elevating the brand's visual impact.

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