Artisan pasta at your doorstep


Pasta Balotta set out to introduce a new concept into the Maltese market which merged the pleasure of cooking pasta with the convenience of having the ingredients brought straight to the client’s door.

Content Creation
Graphic Design

Crafting a brand identity that captures the versatility of Pasta Balotta products and embodies the timeless Italian heritage.


Balotta aspired to become the pioneer in delivering fresh pasta in Malta and Milan through an e-commerce platform. Our first task was to establish a fitting brand identity and design the user experience for their website, including the creation of a distinctive packaging system.

Our Contribution

In developing the Balotta logo, we drew inspiration from the traditional pasta roller, known as the 'mattarello,' which interacts with the wordmark to add depth. Leveraging imagery, we crafted a user interface that enhanced the overall experience. The website incorporated a comprehensive e-commerce store, allowing Pasta Balotta to connect with potential customers and drive sales.

Value Given

For Balotta we assisted in creating the brand identity from scratch by reflecting versatility and Italian heritage for its vast product line. Our primary focus was on devising a strategy to establish a connection between the brand and the customer, ultimately leading to successful sales outcomes – and we achieved precisely that!

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