Ta’ Xbiex Waterpolo Club

Mediterranean flavours with a view

Food & Beverage

Ta' Xbiex Waterpolo Club boasts Malta's most iconic and beloved Valletta views from the water's edge. The restaurant is an all-time favourite amongst locals and tourists alike, not only for its unparalleled ambience, but also for the mouth-watering Sicilian-inspired food.

Content Creation
Graphic Design
Data Target Group Assessment
Media Planning
Brand Positioning
Social Media / Paid & Organic

Immersed in Sicilian essence, our bold rebrand journey reminded the audience of irresistible charm.


Before delving into the rebranding process, the SANCHO® team met up with the client to establish their vision and assess the scope behind the need for an updated identity. Together, we established that while the restaurant enjoyed an excellent reputation and had a very loyal niche of clients, the image no longer reflected its true love for all things Mediterranean.

Our Contribution

We developed a brand that echoes the restaurant's history, embedding this directly into the logomark. Drawing inspiration from marine life and all things nautical, we incorporated vibrant colours and introduced elements to shape a brand image that is both family-friendly and distinctly modern.

Value Given

We crafted a refined brand & launch campaign that mirrors the team's passion for creating simple flavourful dishes of exceptional quality.

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