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Remax Specialists

Enhancing your property browsing experience


Remax Specialists, one of Malta's top real estate agencies, offers comprehensive services for property transactions with a focus on expertise and client satisfaction. Working closely with them, we addressed various challenges to understand their brand, audience, and user requirements. Our collaboration resulted in a visually appealing website featuring dynamic filters for seamless navigation.

Graphic Design
Market Research & KPI Framework
Data Target Group Assessment
Effectiveness & ROI

Leveraging the latest design trends and responsive technologies, we curated a sleek, user-centric digital platform for discovering your perfect property.


To better serve their audience, Remax Specialists entrusted SANCHO® with designing a website tailored to their viewers needs. Initially, the project required a close collaboration with Remax Specialists to grasp their distinctive brand identity, target demographic, and the precise requirements of their users. The team needed to strike a balance between showcasing the wide array of properties while maintaining a streamlined, user-friendly interface.

Our Contribution

Through the incorporation of dynamic filters and intuitive categorisation, we aimed to simplify the browsing experience, allowing users to navigate the website effortlessly and discover relevant properties without being inundated with choices. Furthermore, our focus on developing a visually appealing design that harmonised with Remax Specialists' brand identity contributed to enhancing their online presence and strengthening their brand image.

Value Given

An engaging interface smoothly ushering visitors through property exploration to inquiry, empowering Re/max Specialists to streamline lead refinement and inspiring home-buyers to secure their dream property effortlessly.

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