Billy Boyz

A distinctive tattoo-inspired identity

Food & Beverage

After a decade of fine dining experience, Luke Piscopo, ventured into crafting an unmatched burger experience, driven by his meticulous nature. He sought a concept that not only embodies his character but showcases his culinary expertise.

Graphic Design
Media Planning
Brand Positioning

The distinctive tattoo-inspired identity blends rebelliousness with style, resulting in a refined brand system that mirrors the exceptional quality of the food.


SANCHO® was tasked with the challenge to capture Chef Luke's energetic personality and rebellious nature while maintaining a high level of sophistication across all applications, from naming the business to designing the logo.

Our Contribution

Our team took the ropes in their hands and started with naming the business, creating the brand identity, including the logo, interior design, packaging, slogan, and photography deck. We carefully merged elements of graffiti with black tiles and bronze accents to elevate the brand and reflect the quality of the product.

Value Given

Through careful attention to detail in every aspect of the brand, we successfully captured Chef Luke's dynamic persona and rebellious spirit. The unique blend of graffiti-inspired aesthetics with premium finishes resonated with the target audience, creating a distinct brand identity that sets the product apart in the market.

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