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Zest, an iconic restaurant in the heart of St. Julian’s, has pioneered the Asian fusion culinary concept in Malta for decades. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, re-inventing oneself became crucial, however the after effect was a transformative journey to reinvigorate Zest's visual identity by merging the convenience-focused image cultivated during the pandemic and the upscale dining experience.

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A thoughtfully crafted approach to blending Zest's brand identity pays tribute to its rich heritage while propelling the culinary experience forward, effectively engaging its target audience.


The challenge here was to reconcile Zest's brand identity: the convenience-focused image cultivated during the pandemic and the upscale dining experience traditionally associated with the restaurant located within Hotel Juliani, right in the heart of Spinola Bay. Balancing these contrasting identities was crucial to ensure that Zest maintained its reputation for quality and sophistication while also adapting to the changing needs and expectations of customers post-pandemic. The challenge was layed in crafting a brand identity that seamlessly integrated both elements, effectively bridging the gap between the pandemic-era identity and the pre-existing upscale dining experience.

Our Contribution

To kick off this project, we revisited and merged the two existing logos and turned it into a new visual identity for Zest, redesigned a logo inspired by a dragonfly wing pattern, and bringing elements from both of the other logos to reflect the restaurant's visual identity while still resonating with the target audience. Alongside, a refreshing colour palette was established to enhance the bridge between the two identities including the newly selected fonts that emphasised the boldness of the food, enhancing the brand's visual appeal. Finally, we aligned all branded items such as; uniforms, utensils, and table setups, to match the new brand identity, ensuring a cohesive brand experience across all touchpoints.

Value Given

We provided Zest with a bridge between their pandemic-era convenience-focused image and its upscale dining identity. Through a refined visual identity, cohesive branding across touchpoints, and targeted messaging, they ensured Zest maintained its appeal and relevance post-pandemic. This strategic approach positioned Zest for continued success, reinforcing its reputation for quality and sophistication in the competitive restaurant landscape.

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