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Jobs in Malta, a key player in local recruitment, required a refreshed brand and enhanced website experience. We executed a complete rebranding and web UX/UI overhaul for a seamless user experience.

Content Creation
Graphic Design
Data Target Group Assessment

a vibrant new identity along with a revamped website, fostering approachability and inviting connections through lively illustrations.


There were several invigorating challenges to tackle with JiM, one of which was to address the brands pre-existing image. The task involved navigating through established perceptions and evolving market trends to create a refreshed image that resonated with our audience. Ensuring a smooth transition while maintaining consistency across various platforms posed another significant challenge. Additionally, understanding and catering to the preferences of the target audience, particularly in terms of user experience on the website, required thorough research and planning.

Our Contribution

During the rebranding initiative, we revamped JiM's brand image by introducing modern design elements, vibrant colours, and refined illustrations. This aimed to make the brand more appealing and relatable to our target demographic. Simultaneously, we overhauled the website to improve the user experience, implementing intuitive navigation flows, search features, and accessibility enhancements to streamline the process of finding and applying for job vacancies in Malta and Gozo. Additionally, we expanded the brand's presence on social media platforms, creating curated content and engaging with users to increase visibility and foster meaningful interactions between job seekers and employers. Overall, our efforts focused on modernising the brand, enhancing the website's usability, and expanding our reach through social media to better serve our audience.

Value Given

Through the rebranding and website overhaul, the project aimed to deliver several key benefits such as: an enhanced brand image, improved user experience, and increased consistency across all brand touch-points. By providing a more attractive and user-friendly platform, JiM welcomed higher engagement and satisfaction among its users, leading to greater success in connecting job seekers with opportunities in Malta and Gozo.