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Frank Zampa is one of Malta’s utmost luxury jewelleries, specialising in fine quality certified diamonds and precious stones, and also representing a number of high-calibre brands such as Pasquale Bruni and TAG Heuer. As a marketing partner, we direct all the brand’s marketing efforts through a holistic strategy which focuses on multiple channels and aims to further fortify the brand’s presence.

Frank Zampa

Full Brand Management
Creative Direction
Social Media Management
Digital Marketing Strategy
Web Design
Concept Design

a holistic strategy which ensures client is first-to-find by consumers across all platforms

Our collaboration with Frank Zampa focuses on cultivating an already present sophisticated identity. We initially worked on giving a modern edge to a classic logo, crafting an updated concept which reflects the luxurious image of the brand.

The Frank Zampa brand is continously evolving, with digital media campaigns rolled out seasonally to enhance the brand’s visibility, increase client interaction and heighten brand awareness. Marketing campaigns are launched across a variety of digital channels, to ensure that Frank Zampa is the first-to-find for consumers on each platform. This strategy includes social media marketing, newsletters, SEO, PPC across the Google Network and various remarketing efforts.

Campaign styles vary according to season and product, however the iconic Frank Zampa look and feel is kept a constant throughout all marketing efforts that are deployed. With the recent development of a new e-commerce website for the brand, a new realm of opportunities opened up, providing clients a direct, easy-to-use portal through which they can explore and buy jewellery.

The holistic marketing management of the Frank Zampa name has pushed the brand into new heights into the past years, with the constant acquisition of new brands and products, in order to continue being one of the local leaders in the luxury jewellery market.


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