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With over 50 years of experience, Neriku Catering strives on providing top quality service and food to their range of home and corporate clients. The company’s philosophy is to always be up to date with the latest culinary trends, passionately seeking to create original, delicious and beautifully presented food. This brand is continously evolving and our direction as a marketing partner helps ensuring the company moves towards the future in a steady, tasty manner.

Neriku Catering

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Photography: Sean Mallia, Albert Camilleri
Videography: Jeremy Debattista

merging decades of experience with innovative creative concepts.

Neriku is one of the oldest and most popular caterers on the island. Widely known for their excellent home catering, Neriku wanted to slowly start changing public know-how about the brand’s services and take on the next step of catering for more refined events as well as a corporate audience.

The first step was a full rebranding exercise which saw the development of new visual identity fitting the heritage that Neriku brings with it. For this project we made use of a classic marriage of dark blue tones and gold, with an accent of baby blue. The logo had to be clean and versatile, capable of being used in varied applications across the catering industry.

Following this exercise, together with the client we embarked on a strong brand awareness exercise, introducing the new visual identity across multiple platforms, including a strong presence on social media.

Implementing a strong digital marketing strategy was key in the perception management exercise that was entrusted, and till today we keep working closely with the brand providing all the required digital strategy, implementation and creative services.

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