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The Malta International Photography Award (MIPA) is a premier photography award that strives to share and promote the art and passion of photography at all levels from all across the world. From the very first days of its inception, we worked closely with MIPA, creating and activating the brand worldwide with an impressive audience from over 160 countries, generating tens of thousands of submissions and millions of impressions through multi-channel campaigns.

Malta International Photo Award

Visual Identity
Brand Activation
Digital Marketing Strategy
Marketing Implementation

a holistic approach to activate a worldwide product through impactful digital marketing campaigns.

From the onset, it was clear that MIPA wanted to provide international photographers with a deep insight into different approaches towards photography. Through photography, MIPA hopes to encourage people to push their personal and professional boundaries.

When we embarked on this project, we kept in mind the client’s emphasis on how photography can be a powerful means of transmitting emotions, of inciting ideas and creating realities. Our creative team developed a strong visual identity centred on a spherical approach representing the global impact the brand was always meant to have.

A strong digital activation exercise immediately followed suit, rolling out an integrated marketing campaign across all paid digital channels, with over 100+ campaigns running together in all corners of the world with impressive results. Not only did our team run such digital marketing campaigns, but we utilised state-of-the-art tracking and analytical tools in order to optimise our budgetary spend, giving the clients the best ROI possible.

Some figures we’re proud to have achieved:
237 concurrent campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Google Display, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Around 168 targeted countries with digital marketing campaigns including static, animated, motion and video advertising.
– Over 9,400,000 million people reached by the adverts run.
– Over 42,000,000 million aggregate impressions across all utilised.
– Tens of thousands of leads generated for the client.

Following the huge success MIPA achieved since its launch, our team proudly continues to develop the brand through strategic marketing guidance, keeping in mind a user-first approach in all we do.

The brand today stands on the podium of photography contests and is deemed as one of the most prestigious around the world, thanks to the impressive prize money offered and a constant, relevant brand presence across all digital channels.

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