February 18, 2024

What the SANCHO®!

As you’ve probably seen across the website, the SANCHO® culture means a lot to us. Since our inception we’ve consistently found joy in fostering meaningful relationships with our clients by building strong connections and keeping tight dialogues. Maintaining this receptive relationship facilitated a continuous flow of ideas and solutions, that propel brands to greater heights while infusing every project with our signature creative flair. And for us, it’s all about letting our creativity shine. Whether we’re building a brand-spanking-new website, cooking up content for the latest social media craze, or diving into those never-ending post-campaign reports, we always throw in our SANCHO® touch to give it that extra creative oomph. 

Which brings me to the second aspect of our culture; curiosity. Yes, we’re a bunch of curious individuals who thrive on brainstorming and exploring new horizons to help our clients reach their goals and stand out in the crowd. “What if we tried…” is the natural starting point from where our inspiration begins. Sure, not every idea is a home run, but that’s the beauty of being part of a team where both realists and dreamers coexist — really and truly, when it comes to strategy and reporting we pass the baton to the realists, it’s a snoozefest for us, either way!

Originality, our absolute favourite component of being part of the SANCHO® team. Originality lets us ditch the “usual” and dive into thinking in full-blown technicolor. At SANCHO®, we’re not just a team; we’re a vibrant mix of personalities. From how we think to how we dress, we just do life differently, but our unique flavours blend together, adding that special SANCHO® touch to everything we do. How do we merge these worlds? Well, we thrive on collaboration, whether it’s our monthly “Cook for SANCHO®” event where we sample each other’s culinary creations or our professional discussions where we encourage independent and creative thinking. Picture this: we crafted and brought to life our very own board game. We dabbled in game mechanics and processes to designing, packaging, and even copywriting. The result? We found ourselves burning the midnight oil at the office – and obviously the realists always win!

And, to round this all up, even though I previously mentioned that we, the dreamers, are not big fans of strategy or reporting, there’s gonna come a time when we have to look at those numbers and see that our ideas are delivering what we promised. And you know what? That’s when our realistic and dreamer sides team up and the coolest ideas pop out.