February 15, 2024

Our Growing Team

In the very first week of January, right after the holiday festivities, we had the pleasure of welcoming Neil to the SANCHO® Team! Neil’s journey began at ICE Malta, where he excelled in exams and crafted an impressive online web portfolio. Upon spotting our job listing, he decided to throw his hat in the ring, and lo and behold, he emerged as the chosen one – cue the dramatic “I am your father” moment. Neil has a penchant for adventure, holding a scuba diving license and a passion for exploring remote corners of the globe, from Southeast Asia to Mexico. We like to think of Neil as our very own YinYang guy – balancing his adventurous personal life with meticulous attention to detail in his work. You’ll often find him diligently translating sleek websites into code, all while maintaining a cool and collected demeanour. Here’s to Neil, the epitome of versatility!

A few weeks later, we then welcomed our newest team member, Therese, stepping into the role of Lead Marketing Strategist. Therese’s journey is quite the tale – a few years back, she embarked on a daring venture, relocating to Stockholm, Sweden, during the wintry months to pursue her professional table tennis career. Shortly after, she dove into the world of marketing studies and ended up slaying dragons at a global agency in Sweden gaining experience in digital marketing and strategy. Fast forward 9 years, Therese decided to ditch the snow for some sun and sand back here on our little island of Malta and joined forces with the SANCHO® team. We’re excited to see how her fresh perspective, processes, and deep understanding of digital media and strategy will elevate our game!