May 16, 2024

How game-changing tools redefined our food franchise marketing strategies

Reimagining the fast-food scene in Malta, our agency has responded with agility and innovation to the seismic changes ushered in by the Covid-19 pandemic. As delivery platforms emerge as a dominant force in the catering landscape, the competition within the food industry intensifies exponentially. Witnessing an increase of new outlets and aggressive expansion strategies facilitated by the shift towards smaller, more agile establishments devoid of traditional seating arrangements, our agency recognised the importance of harnessing technological adaptation to go the extra step when servicing clients in the sector.

Over the past four years, we have embarked on a journey of exploration and learning, delving deep into emerging cutting-edge software and hardware systems. This concerted effort has empowered us with the knowledge and tools necessary to equip our clients with a sustainable competitive advantage in an ever-evolving marketplace.

The strategic utilisation of the promotional framework within the delivery platforms has emerged as a linchpin in our approach. Through informed initiatives and compelling offers, we ensure our clients maintain top-of-mind awareness among consumers as they browse their dining options. Statistics reveal that a significant 40% of consumers finalise their meal decisions while engaging with these digital platforms, underscoring the critical importance of factors such as promotional offers, rewards programs, delivery pricing, and timing.

Furthermore, our strategic partnerships with providers of custom ordering platforms have empowered our clients with bespoke online menus that seamlessly align with their in-store branding and customer experience. Through the integration of sophisticated loyalty and reward software solutions, we facilitate personalised communication at every touchpoint of the customer journey, fostering lasting relationships and driving repeat business.

In parallel, we have leveraged cloud-based menu display systems to enhance the interactive dining experience and captivate the attention of potential customers. Employing advanced scheduling algorithms, we strategically spotlight key menu items and promotions, at the right moments, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement both online and in-store. In summation, our agency offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the unique needs of our fast-food clientele, encompassing branding, digital experience enhancement, and customer retention strategies. With our significant dedication and industry expertise, we place ourselves at the forefront of solution provision to ensure our clients achieve long-term success and leadership in the food franchise arena.