Why ephemeral content took the world by storm

8 Jan 2021

By definition ephemeral content refers to short, straight-to-the-point marketing content which does not stay online for a long period of time. The rise of this type of content increased drastically in the past 2 years with the onset of ground-breaking apps and features. Being hugely popularised through Snapchat, this type of content has become a staple feature in most digital marketing strategies and seems bound to stay for the years to come.

Instagram Stories, TikTok and Snapchat together amass almost 1 billion daily users.

But why has this type of content become so popular, especially with Gen Z and Millenial users?

1. In a heavily inundated world of constant exposure to digital marketing, users are always on the lookout for authenticity, and ephemeral content can be the perfect platform for brands to provide it. While its increasing popularity is making thousands of brands try it out, an authentic strategy with strong content is not easy to achieve. Focus on the basics, on what makes your brand what it is, and the rest will come naturally.

2. Did you know that almost 25% of users actually do Swipe Up links on Instagram Stories? Never as today has immediacy played such a strong part in the decision-making process of users. Being constantly bombarded with hundreds of ads, engaging content has been proven to help user elicit immediate reactions and quick responses.

3. It’s short, engaging and continuously changing nature touches core psychological and neurological aspects of the human brain that make this type of content addictive. Statistics from the past year have shown that on average, users on Instagram spend around 53 minutes on the app daily. Brands also have a social responsibility in this regard, and while maximising the indisputable powers of these channels, also act diligently especially when it comes to younger audiences.

Ephemeral content is here to stay, and it will become crucial for brands to utilise it wisely, in a manner which both engages the viewers, but also promotes a healthy relationship between brand and user.

We believe there’s a very fine line in the usage of such content for brands, across many industries, and we’ll be more than happy to guide you accordingly. Drop us a line if you want to start reaching out to a wider audience with more impactful, authentic content.

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