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22 Jan 2021

For the past decade, the year 2020 was seen as a mammoth milestone for businesses and governments alike. Endless strategies and goals were planned to coincide with the end of such a world-changing decade, which saw the impressive advancement of digital technologies that overhauled the way we communicate and do business.

What had to be a landmark year, ended up being one for totally different reasons. Covid-19 hit the world and changed us all, possibly forever. Strategies changed from night to day, budgets dropped drastically and boardrooms moved to tablets, all while social relations struggled to stay afloat. The huge toll on personal mental health and well-being is something we can’t close an eye upon, and we must now all help each other whenever needed.

In 2021 promise yourself to take a step back, be ready to adapt to the new realities and forge ahead.

Both personal and entrepreneurial resilience will be key to emerge successfully from the ashes the pandemic brought. Businesses will need to change their strategic objectives, adapt their marketing modelling and forge ahead. Review your brand promise, explore new perspectives, question your outputs, challenge your team and ensure that everyone is on board. This new year will test us all, but it will also provide fertile ground for those who are ready to innovate in their service and operation.

If there’s something to promise yourself in 2021, it should be to take a step back and be ready to adapt to new realities. Black swan events such as this pandemic leave an impact for decades, and the past months have shown us that the post-Covid world might be different than the one before. Screen-time increased three-fold and thus digital marketing strategies will continue to remain crucial. But users will also be looking for more authentic content in the fast-paced, sometimes overused, social media realm. New tools emerge continuously and mastering them will also play an important role in making your brand truly stand out. 

BE REAL to yourself and understand what truly matters.
BE OPEN to change and challenge your ideas.
BE CLEAR in your brand promise, making sure you’re immediately understood. 

Because the sun will rise again, very soon, and only those ready to gallop ahead will make it through.


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